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You are right to look here since the problems tackled by my articles about Austria in German language tend to occur in other countries as well. Especially within the European Union even the common and detailed binding regulatory "harmonisation" framework background is the same. Unfortunately I am not planning to provide a complete translation of my website in English. Nevertheless, I can provide the following information in English:

Mobile Interconnection Issue 7 - Winter 2002/2003
International Journal of Communications Law and Policy

This is a detailed article on the problems of interconnection between different networks. Interconnection means connecting networks of different operators, so customers from one network can communicate with subscribers of the other network and vice versa. The article sets out the economic problem and the pricing issues available to cope with the problem. Most of the article is based on the general European regulatory framework and includes the revised rules of 2002; only concrete examples towards the end of the article needed to be based on the Austrian legal framework of the Telecommunications Act 1997. In practice, so far most regulatory problems occur concerning the interconnection fees between fixed and mobile telephone network subscribers. Therefore, the topic was based on interconnection problems with mobile operators.
In future, also data network interconnection may become problematic: the well-established "bill and keep"-approach of the internet - where there is no mutual charge of interconnection fees to provide a large and open, common network - is currently endangered by tendencies of large operators which want to control the internet traffic. This leads to the future problem of "network neutrality" and the question whether internet access may be guided towards the network provider's own content offerings (e.g. by limiting speed, raising the fee or blocking access to "other" sites). Current developments at European level indicate that there is no clear line between protecting the interests of the general population and the wishes of the network operators' lobbyists yet.

Are Consumer Interests Properly Respected by the EC Liberalisation Approach?

See Francis Snyder (ed.), Protecting the Interests of the Citizen in Today’s European Union
Bruylant 2003, ISBN 978-2-8027-1774-4

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